Stolt Tankers

Stolt Tankers operates one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated global fleet of deep-sea, regional, coastal and inland parcel tankers, providing safe, reliable, high quality transportation services to the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals and other bulk liquids. By working in concert with Stolthaven Terminals and its worldwide network of high efficiency terminals, the Stolt Tankers fleet of more than 150 ships and barges functions as an integral and vital part of our customers’ global supply chains.

Stolt Tankers’ focus on safety and environmental protection enables us to meet the most stringent demands of our customers, as well as all applicable local and international regulatory requirements. Meeting the transportation and storage needs of our customers in a manner that is safe for both people and the environment is our foremost objective.

Our tanker fleet is equipped with sophisticated handling equipment, including heating and cooling systems, specialised cleaning equipment, and nitrogen generators. These capabilities, combined with the unrivalled experience of our officers and crew, enable Stolt Tankers to safely handle virtually any liquid cargo, including speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, oleo chemicals, vegetable oils, clean petroleum products, lubricating oils and acids.

Reducing port time — and increasing efficiency — is a major strategic focus for Stolt Tankers, given that a deep-sea parcel tanker spends roughly one-third of each voyage in port loading and unloading. The integration of Stolt Tankers and Stolthaven Terminals is a key element of this effort, by giving us complete control over the tanker/terminal interface. This control, combined with our in-depth knowledge of our customers’ supply-chain flows, gives us a significant competitive advantage in meeting customer needs.

Stolt Tankers also benefits from its unrivalled product-information and cleaning database. This database — based upon decades of accumulated operational experience — enables us to efficiently handle and clean even the most difficult cargoes with a quick turnaround.