Shipping Routes

Deep-Sea Services

  • Pacific Ocean Service: Regular outbound service from North and South America to the Pacific and Asia via the Panama Canal; approximately 90 round-voyage sailings annually. Ships ranging from 20,000 dwt to 40,000 dwt.


  • Atlantic Ocean Service: Regular service in both directions between the US Gulf and Europe, and both coasts of South America. Ships ranging from 15,000 dwt to 40,000 dwt.


  • Indian Ocean Service: Regular service on routes between North and South America, Europe and Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean region, including the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, India and Africa, plus service between North America, the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf to Southeast and Northeast Asia. Routes within the Indian Ocean region serving Africa, India and Southeast Asia are also available. Ships ranging from 15,000 dwt to 40,000 dwt.


  • General Product Service: Regular service on a scheduled and opportunity basis worldwide for clean petroleum products (CPP), commodity chemicals and other bulk liquids in full, or near-full, shipments. General ship chartering and sale/purchase services provided.

Regional Services

  • Rhine River Services: Barges specialised in the transportation of bulk-liquid chemicals and related products serve the Rhine River and its tributaries, covering the entire North-West European waterway network. The fleet consists of 40-plus stainless steel and coated inland tankers, with capacities ranging from 1,300 dwt to 6,000 dwt.


  • Inter Europe Service: Regular service to North West Europe, UK East and West Coast, German North Sea and Southern Scandinavia, Bay of Biscay, the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea. The fleet consists of 20 fully stainless steel, double hull, high-spec chemical tankers with cargo capacities ranging from 4,200 dwt to 8,200 dwt.


  • Inter Asia Service: Round voyage service between South-East Asia and North-East Asia, and from South-East Asia and North-East Asia to Australia/New Zealand, India and Pakistan; voyage frequency varies from monthly to four sailings a month, depending on the trade route. The fleet consists of 15 ships, IMO type 2/3, with mainly stainless steel capacity ranging from 4,000 dwt to 13,000 dwt.


  • Inter Caribbean Service: Regular service to all markets in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean Sea, including the north coast of South America. Three to four ships featuring stainless steel and coated cargo space, with capacities ranging 10,000 dwt to 12,000 dwt.


  • Stoltchem: A joint-venture with Sinochem providing high quality coastwise chemical transportation service in China. The growing fleet of seven stainless ships features capacities ranging from 3,200 dwt to 3,700 dwt.