Stolt-Nielsen Limited (“the Company”) Corporate Governance addresses the interaction between the Company’s shareholders, the Board of Directors and management.

Being registered in Bermuda and listed on the Oslo Børs, the Company is subject to Corporate Governance regulations under the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. The Company’s statement of Corporate Governance is continuously revised and it is presented as part of Stolt-Nielsen Limited’s Annual Report for 2019.

Section 3-3b of the Norwegian Accounting Act introduces a statutory requirement whereby enterprises that are obliged to keep accounts and have or are considered to have Norway as their “home state”, and that have securities listed on a regulated market, must provide a report on their policies and practice for corporate governance. The Norwegian Corporate Governance Board considers it appropriate to harmonise the requirements in the Code of Practice in respect of the publication of a report on corporate governance with Section 3-3b of the Accounting Act. 

In accordance with item 5 of section 3-3b we have in addition to the Corporate Governance report also attached a summary of provisions within the Company’s Bye-Laws and under Bermuda law that in whole or in part expand or deviate from the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Public Limited Companies Act dealing with General Meetings.

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