Stolt-Nielsen Limited has a history of paying dividends, with an interim dividend in December followed by a final dividend in May after the company’s AGM has voted.

The USD/NOK FX rate is 8.4650 for the dividend paid on December 12, 2018.

Historical Dividends/Split Summary

Declared Ex-Date Record Payable Common Class B Type
Nov.14.18 Nov.27.18 Nov.28.18 Dec.12.18 $0.250 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.07.18 Apr.25.18 Apr.26.18 May.09.18 $0.250 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.15.17 Nov.28.17 Nov.29.17 Dec.12.17 $0.250 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.08.17 Apr.26.17 Apr.27.17 May.11.17 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.11.16 Nov.22.16 Nov.23.16 Dec.08.16 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.11.16 Apr.27.16 Apr.28.16 May.12.16 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.11.15 Nov.25.15 Nov.26.15  Dec.11.15  $0.500  N/A  Regular Cash 
Feb.11.15  Apr.22.15  Apr.23.15  May.13.15  $0.500  N/A  Regular Cash  
Nov.12.14  Nov.25.14  Nov.26.14  Dec.11.14  $0.500  N/A  Regular Cash 
Feb.07.14 Apr.22.14  Apr.24.14  May.08.14  $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.07.13 Nov.22.13 Nov.26.13 Dec.11.13 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.18.13  Apr.23.13  Apr.25.13  May.10.13  $0.500  N/A  Regular Cash 
Nov.14.12 Nov.23.12 Nov.27.12  Dec.12.12 $0.250  N/A  Regular Cash
Feb.07.12 Apr.24.12 Apr.26.12 May.11.12 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.10.11 Nov.21.11 Nov.23.11 Dec.08.11 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.17.11 Apr.26.11 Apr.28.11 May.12.11 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.19.10 Nov.30.10 Dec.02.10 Dec.16.10 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.12.09 Nov.23.09 Nov.25.09 Dec.09.09 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.13.08 Nov.24.08 Nov.26.08 Dec.10.08 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.07.08 May.19.08 May.21.08 Jun.04.08 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.08.07 Nov.26.07 Nov.28.07 Dec.12.07 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.08.07 Jun.18.07 Jun.20.07 Jul.05.07 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.09.06 Nov.16.06 Nov.20.06 Dec.06.06 $0.500 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.02.06 May.30.06 Jun.01.06 Jun.15.06 $1.000 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.17.05 Nov.28.05 Nov.30.05 Dec.14.05 $1.000 N/A Regular Cash
Mar.11.05 Jun.13.05 Jun.15.05 Jun.30.05 $2.000 N/A Regular Cash
Mar.12.03 May.12.03 May.14.03 May.28.03 $0.125 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.15.02 Dec.02.02 Dec.04..02 Dec.18.02 $0.125 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.15.02 May.09.02 May.13.02 May.29.02 $0.125 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.14.01 Dec.03.01 Dec.05.01 Dec.19.01 $0.125 N/A Regular Cash
Feb.15.01 May.03.01 May.07.01 May.23.01 $0.125 N/A Regular Cash
On Mar.07.01 Stolt-Nielsen S.A. reclassified non-voting Class B Share as Common Shares on a one-for-one basis
Nov.09.00 Dec.04.00 Dec.06.00 Dec.20.00 $0.125 $0.125 Regular Cash
Feb.15.00 Apr.28.00 May.02.00 May.18.00 $0.125 $0.125 Regular Cash
Nov.16.99 Nov.29.99 Dec.01.99 Dec.15.99 $0.125 $0.125 Regular Cash
Feb.11.99 Apr.29.99 May.03.99 May.19.99 $0.125 $0.125 Regular Cash
Nov.19.98 Nov.30.98 Dec.02.98 Dec.16.98 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Mar.04.98 Apr.30.98 May.04.98 May.20.98 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Nov.18.97 Dec.01.97 Dec.03.97 Dec.17.97 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Mar.07.97 May.08.97 May.12.97 May.28.97 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Nov.20.96 Dec.03.96 Dec.05.96 Dec.19.96 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Mar.11.96 May.15.96 May.17.96 Jun.05.96 $0.25 $0.25 Regular Cash
Dec.01.95 Dec.26.95 Dec.29.95 Jan.02.96 Stock Dividend of 1 Class B Share for Every 2 Common Shares Held
Jul.17.95 Jul.26.95 Jul.28.95 Aug.15.95 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
May.05.95 May.09.95 May.12.95 May.31.95 $0.25 N/A Regular Cash
May.19.92 Jun.22.92 Jun.26.92 Jul.15.92 $0.05 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.26.91 Dec.20.91 Dec.27.91 Jan.17.92 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
May.03.91 Jun.24.91 Jun.28.91 Jul.19.91 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.28.90 Dec.21.90 Dec.28.90 Jan.18.91 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
Apr.25.90 Jun.25.90 Jun.29.90 Jul.20.90 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
Nov.28.89 Dec.22.89 Dec.29.89 Jan.19.90 $0.30 N/A Regular Cash
May.03.89 Jun.26.89 Jun.30.89 Jul.20.89 $0.25 N/A Regular Cash


Dec.23.88 Dec.30.88 Jan.20.89 $0.25 N/A Regular Cash