Stolt Bitumen Services

Stolt Bitumen Services

Stolt Bitumen Services (SBS) provides high quality, safe and reliable distribution of bitumen to fast growing infrastructure markets in Southeast Asia, using modern bitumen tankers, bitumen containers and storage terminals.

Stolt Bitumen Services (SBS) operates a bitumen-distribution network in Southeast Asia, where infrastructure development is creating increased demand for bitumen. Established in 2007, SBS leverages Stolt-Nielsen’s experience and core competencies in multi-modal bulk-liquid logistics.

SBS operates four bitumen distribution terminals, three in Java, Indonesia, with a total capacity of 16,500 cbm, and one in South Vietnam, with a capacity of 8,000 cbm. SBS also operates two bitumen tankers, the 5,900 dwt Stolt Fuji, and the 3,500 dwt Stolt Kilauea. The division’s fleet of 50 tank trucks provides a total delivery capacity of 900 tons.

Stolt Bitumen Services has strong relationships with many refiners throughout Asia Pacific. Through these contacts and a combination of bitumen tankers, terminals and bitutainers, we offer a wide range of supply and logistics solutions for bitumen. 

Bulk bitumen cargoes can be supplied in tankers sized up to 6,000 dwt. Deliveries can be made CIF, C&F or FOB, depending on the customer’s needs. In certain locations, such as developing countries where there are no facilities to receive bulk bitumen, SBS efficiently meets the needs of its customers using bitumen containers.

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