Our People

Our People

People are at the heart of our operations. Their skills, passion and dedication to producing the very best products are vital to our success. Our 450-strong team is, without question, our most valuable asset.

We are committed to attracting, training and retaining the best people in the industry, and ensuring that our people have the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their careers within our organisation.

Stolt Sea Farm consists of eight specialist teams:

Hatcheries carry out the first and most delicate life phase of the Prodemar™ turbot and sole; all our hatcheries are located in Galicia, Spain.

Production takes place at the company’s 13 inland farms: seven in Galicia, Spain and one each in Hafnir, Iceland; Tocha, Portugal; Anglet, France; and Oye, Norway. 

Research, development and applied innovation has always been a key driver of our success. The quality and performance systems on our farms are largely attributable to the innovative techniques developed by our expert R&D team.

Quality and environment ensures that standards of quality and environmental safety are upheld at all times and in every area of our business.  

Commercial markets our Prodemar™ turbot and sole in different sizes to fish wholesalers and supermarket chains across Europe, focusing on Spain, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and the US. 

Engineering of projects oversees the development of new projects and facilitates the transfer of technology among our production centres. The team focuses on continuous improvement and innovation.

Logistics ensures our customers receive their orders promptly and that a direct link is always maintained between them and our production team.    

Administration and finance are responsible for general management, human resources, and accounting and finance.

Stolt Sea Farm operates 14 land-based farms. Seven in Spain and one each in Iceland, France, Portugal and Norway produce Prodemar™ turbot and sole. It is world leader in turbot production, selling around  8,300 tonnes annually and producing 1,570 tonnes of sole.

We invite you to get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about joining us.