Our Products and Food Safety

Our Products and Food Safety

Stolt Sea Farm produces the finest farmed fish products available on the market, including Prodemar™ turbot and sole and Sterling Caviar™.

Prodemar™ Turbot

Turbot is a delicious and healthy fish that is enjoyed by consumers worldwide. Low in calories and easy to digest, turbot appeals to consumers who care about the quality of the foods they eat and follow a balanced healthy diet. 

Highly regarded for the delicate flavour of its bright white flesh, turbot contains important nutrients, including vitamin B, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, iodine and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Turbot is a flatfish with a circular shape. In the wild they inhabit waters 20-to-80 meters deep and grow to 40-to-60 cm in length. Stolt Sea Farm produces the highest quality turbot, which is marketed under the Prodemar™ brand.

Visit www.prodemar.com for further information.

Sterling Caviar™

Sterling Caviar LLC produces 10 tonnes of the finest farmed caviar every year through truly sustainable farming methods. 

Caviar has been associated with luxury and wealth for thousands of years. Traditionally made from the processed roe of a specific sturgeon, there are many substitutes but few attract connoisseurs like the succulent texture and exotic taste of the real thing. 

Traditionally served with Champagne or vodka, the best caviar is identified by the degree of saltiness, with the types that are less salty usually being the most expensive. 

In 2006 the international trading of caviar from wild sturgeon was banned because of declining fish stocks and overfishing, yet demand for the delicacy remains strong. The ban was lifted in 2007 but the serious issues surrounding the sustainable harvesting of caviar remain. 

Sterling Caviar LLC is the leading U.S. producer of caviar and offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of producing caviar that has helped to reduce pressure on wild sturgeon stocks. Sterling Caviar™ has gained a reputation for being amongst the finest tasting caviar in the world and is available in three different grades: Imperial, Royal and Classic. 

Visit the following links to access Sterling Caviar™ website and to find out more about its products and to order online.

USA and Canada www.sterlingcaviar.com

Worldwide www.sterlingcaviar.eu

Prodemar™ Sole

Sole is one of the most versatile fish for cooking and tastes delicious, whether fried, baked, sautéed or poached. 

The name sole is widely used for a variety of flatfish and there are a number of species that are referred to as sole. However, only species of the genus solea are considered to be “true sole”. 

Although not an endangered species, sole has suffered severe overfishing in certain parts of the world. There are reports of falling fish stocks in European waters, with some fisheries on the verge of collapse. 

Stolt Sea Farm produces sole through sustainable farming methods and is committed to further developing its pioneering techniques to help relieve the pressure from the fisheries most at risk. 

Visit www.prodemar.com for further information.

Food Safety

Fish farmed by Stolt Sea Farm’s methods are recognised as one of the most healthy, most nutritious and most environmentally friendly food products available. To achieve this goal, Stolt Sea Farm closely manages the feeding, breeding and protection of its fish to guarantee the safety of its products. 

Everything produced at a Stolt farm is only released to the market after a series of stringent parameters are checked to test freshness and quality. 

In addition, tests are carried out on the quality of the water and raw materials used in the farming process to guarantee that Stolt Sea Farm products exceed any standards set by external agencies. 

Thanks to these efforts customers can be assured that they receive a product of the very highest quality available in the market today with the total security that the Stolt Sea Farm brand guarantees.