Stolt Sea Farm offers a range of premium seafood products, under several brand names, according to species, product type and market. Our difficult-to-farm species are regularly served at high-end restaurants, where our premium large-size brands are often featured to attract customers. We also supply our products to supermarkets and the hospitality sector via wholesalers.


ProdemarTM is Stolt Sea Farm’s main turbot and sole brand. It is an acknowledged international leader in land-based aquaculture.

Turbot is a delicious and healthy fish that is enjoyed by consumers worldwide. It is highly regarded for its delicate flavour and bright white flesh.

Sole is one of the most versatile fish for cooking.
The name sole is widely used for a variety of flatfish, however only species of the genus solea are considered to be ‘true sole’. Although not an endangered species, sole has suffered severe overfishing in certain parts of the world, with some fisheries on the verge of collapse. 

Both turbot and sole contain important nutrients, including vitamin B, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids.

King Sole™

King Sole™ is a unique offering of premium fish weighing 500g and above. Launched in 2017, it is available to consumers from numerous large retailers including Auchan and Metro in France, Coop in Italy and El Corte Inglés in Spain.

King Turbot™ 

King Turbot offers a premium selection of frozen turbot that ranges from whole round fish to value added products. It is consistently of the highest quality thanks to the way we farm it.

Food Safety

Fish farmed using Stolt Sea Farm’s methods is recognised as one of the most healthy, most nutritious and most environmentally friendly food products available. To maintain the highest standards of food safety we closely manage and control the feeding, breeding and protection of our fish, guaranteeing the safety of our products.

Everything produced at a Stolt farm is only released to the market after a series of stringent parameters are checked to test freshness and quality. 

In addition, tests are carried out on the quality of the water and raw materials used in the farming process to guarantee that Stolt Sea Farm products exceed any standards set by external agencies. 

Thanks to these efforts customers can be assured that they receive a product of the very highest quality available in the market today with the total security that the Stolt Sea Farm brand guarantees.