Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Commitment

We are a pioneering business in sustainable fish-farming, we take special care of the environment and our customers.

To achieve all this, we closly manage and monitor feeding, breeding and fish welfare,  submitting our production processes to rigorous external and internal controls.

We also have an ongoing investment programme for the development of innovative techniques to reduce the pressure on fishing areas at risk of over-exploitation.

Thanks to these efforts, we can proudly say that Stolt Sea Farm’s products  are healthy and sustainable.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Stolt Sea Farm has developed an integrated five-year sustainability strategy that will guide its focus in the medium to long term. The strategy includes six key focus areas that the business can contribute to and which have particular relevance for our stakeholders.

These include:

  • employee engagement and retention
  • food safety and consumer health
  • animal rights and welfare
  • impact on local communities 
  • environmental impacts
  • traceability and sustainability

Operational Excellence and Quality

In addition to supporting the three UN Sustainable Development Goals identified by Stolt-Nielsen, Stolt Sea Farm believes that it is making a valuable contribution to good health and wellbeing.

Stolt Sea Farm follows rigorous quality and environmental controls to ensure everything the company does is environmentally sound.

Our GlobalGAP certification confirms that we have in place sound and responsible aquaculture practices, while our Friend of The SeaTM certification denotes that our business is environmentally sustainable.

We were the first business in our sector to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management certification for both production and commercialisation, as well as ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.