About Stolt Tank Containers

About Stolt Tank Containers

Stolt Tank Containers (STC) is a leading provider of door-to-door transportation services for bulk-liquid chemicals and food-grade products. With a fleet of more than 40,000 tank containers, STC is the only operator with its own worldwide network of 22 owned and joint-venture depots.

This specialized network gives STC direct control over the handling, cleaning and maintenance of its fleet, ensuring unrivaled quality, reliability and safety performance. With STC, customers know that their cargoes and the tanks carrying them are continually under the watchful eye of STC and its globally applied operating standards, ensuring reliability and safety for people and the environment. STC’s depot network enables the division to deliver a demonstrably superior combination of quality, service and reliability to customers worldwide.

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A tank container is a large stainless steel pressure vessel held within a 20-foot ISO frame that is used for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. The 20-foot ISO frame ensures that tank containers can be transported using most modern inter-modal transportation options, including container ships, trucks and rail. The tank container provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to transport bulk liquids to most locations around the globe.

The typical Stolt Tank Container conforms to UN T11 specifications for the carriage of hazardous products in bulk. Capacity ranges from 17,500 and 26,000 litres, depending on the cargo, with a working pressure rating of 3-4 Bar. The external appearance of STC’s tanks does not vary significantly, and fittings are generally standardised. However, a variety of features and additional capacities are available to meet each customer’s special product requirements. 

The 20-foot ISO frame is constructed to absorb the stresses of a full tank container and to facilitate its handling and stowage by gantry cranes and straddle carriers. 

More detailed information—with complete specifications for both standard and custom Stolt Tank Containers—is available upon request from
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