FSTS Laem Chabang Thailand

Opening of full service cleaning and repair facility

FSTS (Fusion Stolt Tank Services), Laem Chabang Thailand

Stolt Tank Containers is proud to announce the future opening of our newest full service cleaning and repair facility, FSTS (Fusion Stolt Tank Services), located in Laem Chabang Thailand. On April 28th joint venture partners Fusion Logistics and Stolt Tank Containers hosted the Grand Opening of facility, set for technical start up in mid-May.

The celebration was very well attended by more than 100 representatives from many of our key Thailand based shippers, producers and importers. FSTS sits adjacent to our existing LCTS refurbishing joint venture. The two facilities combine the best of in-service and heavy repairs available with premier quality cleaning and tank preparation. 10,000 square meters fully concreted facility includes 10 chemical cleaning bays, 2 fully segregated food grade bays (with isolated/segregated cleaning system, 8 survey bays and 4 periodic test bays. The food quality cleaning is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing food and food grade chemical producers in Thailand.