STC is committed to operating in a sustainable manner by:

  • Ensuring safety for people and the environment
  • Being socially responsible
  • Seeking continuous improvements in efficiency and economic performance

STC continuously strives to operate in a manner that is safe for people and the environment by:

  • Minimizing or eliminating environmental impact by deploying efficient intermodal transportation solutions, and through the use of improved waste-water treatment and waste-disposal management.
  • Reducing or eliminating the number of incidents and risks of tank container transportation and handling.
  • Improving efficiency in every facet of our business, thus reducing fuel and energy consumption, water consumption, waste generation, etc.

STC continuously strives to be socially responsible by:

  • Strictly complying with all applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines, and by adhering to our Code of Business Conduct, which requires that STC conducts its business in a manner that is ethical, honest and law-abiding.
  • Strictly adhering to contemporary practices and laws regarding child labour, discrimination, corruption and conflicts of interest.
  • Monitoring and improving the wellbeing and professional skills of our employees by providing a safe working environment, access to training and education, and personal-evaluation plans.
  • Providing community assistance, such as emergency aid, charitable and social services, to the local communities in which STC operates worldwide.

STC continuously seeks improvements in efficiency and economic performance by:

  • Selecting vendors that deliver sustainable business services, with a focus on decreasing safety incidents and raising efficiency performance.
  • Focusing on business growth and optimization based on strong customer relationships and the implementation of efficient, low cost communication services based on web-based platforms and social media.
  • Seeking business expansion opportunities that enable STC to rapidly scale the sustainability of STC’s enterprise.

STC’s progress against these goals is monitored and measured by internal KPIs as part of STC’s and SNL’s SHE&Q management and oversight system; by the Company’s own corporate governance oversight for financial and legal compliance; and by external KPIs, including third-party standards of SHE&Q, such as ISO, Impcas CDI, SQAS, etc.