Stolt Tank Containers pursues the highest standards in quality, safety and sustainability. Our sustainable innovations are implemented through staff training and compliance with a broad range of policies and regulations, ensuring positive outcomes for people and planet, while providing the best service to customers.

We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner by:

  • Ensuring safety for people and the environment
  • Being socially responsible
  • Seeking continuous improvements in efficiency and economic performance

We continuously look for ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment by:

  • Using efficient intermodal transportation solutions
  • Improving our wastewater treatment and waste-disposal management
  • Reducing the number of incidents and risks involved in the transportation and handling of tank containers
  • Improving efficiencies in every facet of our business, including fuel,energy and water consumption and waste generation, etc.

We strive to be a socially responsible business by:

  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and internal guidelines, and by adhering to our Code of Business Conduct
  • Strictly adhering to international laws regarding child labour, discrimination, corruption and conflicts of interest
  • Monitoring and improving the wellbeing and skills of our employees by providing a safe working environment, access to training and regular performance reviews
  • Providing community assistance, such as emergency aid and suporting local charitable activities in those communities where we operate worldwide

We aim to improve our efficiency and economic performance by:

  • Selecting vendors that deliver sustainable business services, with a focus on minimising safety incidents and raising efficiency performance
  • Focusing on business growth and optimisation through strong customer relationships and the implementation of efficient digital platforms
  • Seeking expansion opportunities that enable STC to rapidly scale the sustainability of our offering

STC’s progress against these goals is monitored and measured by internal KPIs; the Company’s corporate governance oversight for financial and legal compliance; and external KPIs, including third-party standards of SHE&Q, such as ISO, Impcas CDI, SQAS, etc.

Our focus on building a sustainable business will keep our momentum going across the board, while placing extra effort on environment-related matters where we have the most room for improvement. We are currently developing a more structured way of measuring our carbon footprint. This will include measuring water, electricity, gas/petrol and steam consumption, waste management and employee commutes. Within the supply chain, we’ll be looking at emissions produced by downstream transport and distribution of our tank containers via third-party trucks, barges, carriers, etc.

Environmentally-friendly ISO tank containers

Stolt Tank Containers’ rigorous maintenance and repair processes ensure its tank containers are typically used 100 times over many years. Once they reach the end of their lifecycle and are removed from the fleet, more than 90% of the materials are recycled. Tank containers are a far more sustainable alternative to flexi-bags which are discarded after each shipment, adding considerably to the global single-use plastics burden. It is estimated that on average each flexi-bag adds the equivalent of 7,000 single-use plastic carrier bags to landfill. That’s around 40kg of plastic. In addition, a higher product retrieval ratio from tank containers compared to flexibags means less wastage of shipped product too. 

Working together for a sustainable industry

We are a proud member of the Clean Cargo Working Group, a collaboration of Shippers, Forwarders and Ocean Carriers that are working toward more responsible and sustainable shipping. Members share a vision for the shipping industry as a responsible part of sustainable supply chains that supports clean oceans, healthy port communities and global climate goals.

EcoVadis: Independent benchmarking

STC currently holds a Silver rating with EcoVadis, which places us in the top 10% of our peers. The assessment is based on indicators including safety and environmental performance, vendor ratings and labour practices.


We adhere to standards mandated by multiple international agreements, regulations, codes and guidelines subject us to regular auditing by third parties and customers, including IMDG, IMO, ITCO, ECTA, ISO and CSR.

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