Day of the Seafarer

Day of the Seafarer

Committed to the welfare and wellbeing of our seafarers

Being a seafarer is a tough and demanding job, it requires a strong sense of responsibility that extends throughout all ranks on board. 

Stolt Tankers' commitment to the fair treatment and welfare of its seafarers is underscored by our compliance with standards mandated by multiple international agreements, conventions and processes. We also strive to provide our seafarers with benefits, resources and support that make service aboard our ships both attractive and valued by our officers and crew. These include:

- Medical insurance for all first-degree family members

- Exercise equipment or gyms on all ships

- Daily internet access for all seafarers 

- Engagement and development of outstanding cadets for life-long careers at Stolt Tankers

- Career counselling, guidance and management, emphasising permanent employment to ensure high experience levels

- State-of-the-art and focused safety and operational training programmes 

- Empowerment of Ship Management Teams to drive pride of ownership

Thanks to these and other ongoing efforts, Stolt Tankers' turnover rates are among the industry's lowest, with a high proportion of sea staff choosing to pursue long-term careers aboard our ships. The experience of our sea staff is what enables Stolt Tankers to deliver the quality, reliability and flexibility for which we are known for worldwide.