Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At Stolt Tankers, commitment to safety comes from the top, ensuring we have a strong culture throughout the organisation.

Our safety culture goes beyond compliance. Everyone understands their personal responsibility – for ensuring a safe working environment for colleagues and safe operations for customers. We recognise that our seafaring staff are our most important asset and our robust safety processes integrate training with ongoing incident management and measurement – and are underpinned by sound governance.

Our aim is to achieve zero harm for people and the environment. To this end, we operate a ‘Slashed Zero’ programme which helps minimise behavioural risks involved in operations and reduce personal injuries across our entire fleet. This programme involves:

• Regular risk assessments
• Rigorous training
• Communicating success stories to encourage positive behaviour
• Empowering employees to take personal responsibility for their safety

Some of our health and safety initiatives include:  

  • Increasing our focus on our Slashed Zero programme, which helps minimise behavioural risks involved in operations and reduce personal injuries across our fleet. We deliver face-to-face and remote training, and have developed a remote career management system which delivers bespoke Stolt Tankers content that has our procedures, safety rules and risk assessments as core principles.
  • To increase awareness and raise standards, Stolt Tankers holds an annual Ship of the Year competition. Ships are assessed on a range of performance criteria covering safety, port state and customer inspections, audit results, off-hire, claims and cost-efficiency.
  • We recognise that the mental health of seafarers is an industry-wide issue and it has been a cornerstone of our people strategy for years. We have developed a number of bespoke training modules to deal with resilience and mental health issues and these have been integrated into our Slashed Zero programme. They helped to manage and support employees during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as take more personal responsibility for their safety.
  • We launched an online 24-hour channel to improve communications between ship and shore. Engagement has been high, and the discussions have led to many valuable solutions for keeping ships safe. 
  • We regularly conduct audits to spot check navigation safety, and the learnings are used to develop training, refine procedures and hone our approach to fostering safe and harmonious teams.

We are committed to achieving zero harm for people and the environment and will continue to innovate in the area of health & safety across all our operations.