Ship of the Year

Ship of the Year

Welcome to Ship of the Year

At Stolt Tankers our commitment to excellence in performance and zero harm for people and the environment is at the forefront of how we run our operations. The Ship of the Year (SOTY) competition is an important measure of our progress towards this goal.

In 2006, Stolt Tankers launched a competition to identify the ‘best of the best’ across its entire fleet. Each year the winner and runners-up receive a donation to the ship’s communal onboard welfare fund. The aim of SOTY is to recognise excellence and raise standards across the organisation. Ships and crew are assessed on a range of performance criteria covering safety, port state and customer inspections, audit results, off-hire, claims and cost-efficiency.

The competition is ultimately a celebration of the hard work, dedication and strict adherence to health and safety procedures that go into serving our customers and that are practiced by our crew every day. 


Year First Place Second Place Third Place
2020 Stolt Renge and Stolt Yuri  Stolt Capability, Stolt Innovation and Stolt Quetzal Stolt Jaeger, Stolt Sea, Stolt Sequoia and Stolt Sycamore
2019 Stolt Capability   Stolt Inspiration Stolt Sagaland
2018 Stolt Capability   Stolt Inspiration Stolt Glory, Stolt Renge, Stolt Yuri
2017 Stolt Glory    Stolt Quetzal   Stolt Sun and Stolt Zulu  
2016* Stolt Flamenco and Stolt Quetzal Stolt Island Stolt Ajisai, Stolt Glory and Stolt Tsubaki

*In 2016 SOTY became a fleet-wide competition once again

Winners 2014-2015

Deep Sea Winners

Year First Place Second Place Third Place
2015 Stolt Emerald Stolt Sneland and Stolt Sun  
2014* Stolt Groenland Stolt Sagaland Stolt Vinland

Regional Winners

Year First Place Second Place Third Place
2015 Stolt Quetzal Stolt Transporter   Stolt Ajisai
2014* Stolt Quetzal Stolt Flamenco Stolt Tsubaki

*In 2014 the competition was updated to include two categories: deep-sea and regional

 Winners 2006-2013 

Year First Place Second Place Third Place
2013 Stolt Quetzal Stolt Momiji Stolt Tsubaki
2012* Stolt Kestrel Stolt Ajisai Stolt Glory
2011 Stolt Momiji and Stolt Confidence    
2010 Stolt Vinland    
2009 Stolt Kittiwake    
2008 Stolt Invention    
2007 Stolt Falcon    
2006 Stolt Emerald    

*In 2012 we introduced runner-up positions for the first time