Rail Services

Rail Services

Rail Services

Stolt–Nielsen Rail Services (SNRS) offers a complete package of rail fleet management services, including comprehensive shipment monitoring and freight infrastructure services. We operate in the United States, Canada and Mexico and provide bilingual support from SNRS’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel. SNRS operates and manages a fleet of more than 200 railroad tankers, with nominal capabilities ranging from 20,800  to 30,000 gallons (78,740 to 113,560 litres). Cars are available in a variety of sizes and configurations with various linings.

SNRS offers door-to-door service, bill of lading issuance, leasing (short and long term), fleet management and integrated transportation services. We also offer direct transfers from trucks, tank containers, ship barges and storage tanks. Other services include tracking, cleaning, testing, cargo sampling, storage and inspections.

We transport a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products including food-grade and Kosher products, oils, lube oils, solvents, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, alkaline products, acids, glycols, esters, ethers, and acrylates.

SNRS is a member of Houston Transportation Professionals Association, Southwest Association of Rail Shippers, The New Orleans Board of Trade, as well as a variety of transportation clubs. We collaborate with the Association of American Railroads, Federal Railroad Administration and US Department of Transportation.

Rail Fleet Management

Stolt-Nielsen Rail Services allow direct transfers to and from rail tank cars, trucks and tank containers, ships, barges and storage tanks.

Tank Car Services

  • Door-to-door service
  • Fleet management
  • Tank-car leasing and trip lease options provide short term increased capacity and absorb idle fleet capacity, allowing lower costs and increased efficiency
  • Cars are available in various sizes, configuration and linings
  • Most cars are lined for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Tracking, inventory control, cleaning, testing, cargo sampling, storage, inspections
  • Maximum flexibility and utilisation
  • Compatibility with wide range of commodities

Shipment Monitoring

  • Empty monitoring
  • Proprietary CLM reporting
  • Railroad problem resolution

Freight Infrastructure

  • Rate and transit analysis
  • Door-to-door freight service
  • All infrastructure provided: carrier, terminal, warehouse interface and/or transition points

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