Stolthaven Singapore

Stolthaven Singapore


Name: Stolthaven Singapore Pte Ltd
Street: 22 Tembusu Crescent
Area: Jurong Island
Country: Singapore


General Manager: Foo Chek Chai
Assistant Commercial Manager: Mark Lim

Commercial Enquiries

Telephone: +65 64 774557


Latitude: 1.273312 N
Longitude: 103.6656959 E
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Stolthaven Singapore is a highly automated terminal located at Tembusu on Jurong Island, Singapore. The terminal is within the industrial area of Jurong Island, and serves as an industrial terminal for the large and growing number of manufacturers and suppliers located there. The site is currently operating in Phase 2D of the planned development of the 15 hectare site.

Tank types

  • Carbon steel / Carbon steel (coated)
  • Stainless steel dome roof spherical

Tank features

  • Automatic tank gauge systems with temperature measurement
  • Dedicated truck loading / unloading pump and line
  • Dedicated ship loading / unloading pump and line
  • Internal floating roof
  • Heating capability (steam / hot water)
  • Nitrogen or dry air sparging
  • Mixing, blending and circulation
  • Independent high level alarms on all flammable liquids tanks
  • Individual tank gauging systems on all tanks
  • Nitrogen blanketing available to all fixed roof tanks
  • Pressure/vacuum and emergency vents
  • Vapour control systems connected to on site industrial combustor
  • Stripping capabilities
  • Vapor scrubbing system

Products stored

  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum products
  • Low pressure gases

Access to terminal

  • Ship
  • Road
  • Barge
  • Pipe line


  • 8 Truck loading bays
  • 2 Weighbridges
  • Ship-to-ship transfer operation / transshipment
  • Cooling, heating and filtering
  • Covered truck loading
  • Dedicated pipelines to all jetties, rail and truck racks
  • Dry air system
  • Emergency electrical generator
  • Fire protection foam system and water sprinklers system
  • High-purity nitrogen available
  • Hot water
  • ISO tank and flexibag loading and unloading
  • Land and marine vapour control systems
  • Marine Flare
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Owned jetty