Health and Safety

Putting safety first

At Stolt-Nielsen, safety for people and the environment is our number-one priority with our goal of zero harm always in mind.

This Company-wide commitment is supported by ongoing efforts to:

●Create a deeper, hands-on awareness of safety issues at the highest levels of management

●Ensure that appropriate resources are provided to support SNL’s stated commitment to safety, including training programmes

●Provide additional assurance of rigorous compliance in a constantly expanding and increasingly complex regulatory environment

●Drive the Company-wide implementation of safety processes and reporting that leverage both SNL’s existing experience and ongoing developments in safety.

While our businesses drive operational safety initiatives, at a corporate level we focus on four key performance indicators. These are reported to our management team quarterly and measure:

●That procedures meet or exceed the latest industry standards

●That training is tracked and provided as scheduled

●That compliance with procedures is monitored and reported

●The trend in the number of serious accidents, incidents and near misses


Putting safety first

Our first priority is zero harm for people and the environment. Our safety processes are robust, integrating incident management and measurement with training, and underpinned by sound governance.


 Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF)

 Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)

Serious incidents

1. Per 1,000,000 hours exposure.  2. Per 200,000 hrs exposure.  3. Includes joint ventures.  4. TRCF and LTIF data excludes Stolt Sea Farm.