Stolthaven Terminals and Deloitte partner on a decarbonisation pilot

Stolthaven Terminals has partnered with Deloitte to test an innovative interactive tool to support and track its ambition to make all its primary activities carbon neutral by 2040. 

Insights provided by Deloitte’s decarbonisation tool, a science-based AI solution, generated an 'emissions reduction roadmap', with a list of priorities (for example electrification, insulation and reducing waste and leaks) to help ensure Stolthaven Terminals' continued progress towards its ambition, which includes a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. 

“Stolthaven Terminals has implemented a range of projects to help us achieve our ambition to become carbon neutral by 2040,” said Guy Bessant, President of Stolthaven Terminals. “This includes investments at our terminals to reduce energy consumption for steam production, installing condensate recovery systems, economisers on our boilers that will reduce energy requirements by around 10 percent, and partnering on projects that advance the green-energy transition. 

“Deloitte’s tool gave us insights into the cumulative impact of these investments, both on emissions reduction as well as on current and future costs, of the different options to help us achieve our ambition.”

Deloitte’s Decarbonisation Solution helps organisations to manage their decarbonisation commitments by establishing emissions targets, meeting reporting and compliance requirements, optimising portfolios, evaluating reduction opportunities and tracking risks. It also allows all stakeholders to engage in the organisation’s decarbonisation journey on a single platform, enabling decarbonisation targets and claims to be substantiated.

“Going forward, the outputs from Deloitte’s tool can help Stolthaven Terminals in strategic decision-making based on the latest scientific information and methodologies from leading bodies and visualise the greatest climate-related risks and opportunities facing its business,” explained Priti Hoffmann, Partner Sustainability at Deloitte. “Most importantly, the tool will help them understand where to focus their decarbonisation efforts.”

Emil Kwaaitaal, Deloitte Lead Partner for Stolt-Nielsen, said: “Stolthaven Terminals and Deloitte have been partnering globally for many years, in many different domains. Supporting the team on their decarbonisation journey aligns with our company purpose and ambition.

Eric Vennix, Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials Leader added: “At Deloitte, we have the breadth and depth in expertise across business operations, grants and incentives, sustainability, advanced data analytics and technology to be a true partner in the journey towards Net-Zero emissions.”