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Investing in new opportunities

Stolt-Nielsen Gas was established in 2007 to focus on developing opportunities in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, including LNG shipping, storage and distribution.

As the transition to more sustainable energy sources has gathered momentum, so too has the demand for natural gas and LNG. As the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, LNG is currently the most reliable, cost-effective and clean alternative for a low-carbon future.

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Dual-purpose LNG bunkering and supply vessels (LBVs)

LNG terminal at the Italian port of Oristano, Sardinia
Total capacity of the Avenir LNG fleet

The leading provider of small-scale LNG

In 2017, Stolt-Nielsen formed Avenir LNG, of which we own 47%, to provide LNG to markets and end-customers lacking access to natural gas pipelines.

Avenir LNG’s ambition is to become the leading provider of small-scale LNG for the power, bunkering, trucking and industrial markets. It will achieve this by sourcing, shipping, storing and distributing low-cost LNG using innovative technology and our access to a wealth of expertise and resources.

This includes our partner, Golar LNG (of which Stolt-Nielsen owns 2.5%), which is one of the world’s largest independent owners and operators of marine-based LNG midstream infrastructure, and is active in liquefaction, transportation and regasification.

Delivering a cleaner fuel alternative

Stolt-Nielsen Gas and Avenir are focused on providing the entire small-scale supply chain with clean, affordable and reliable LNG – particularly in emerging markets and remote areas – and we continue to make progress towards that goal.

Avenir took delivery of its first LNG carrier in 2020, completing the transition from a development company to an operational LNG supplier. The Avenir Advantage is a 7,500-cbm capacity, dual-purpose LNG bunkering and supply vessel (LBV). It is the first dedicated LBV in South East Asia, and is successfully supplying LNG to vessels and remote locations in the region.

The Avenir Aspiration, another 7,500-cbm capacity LBV, was also launched in 2020, and the Avenir Accolade, which was delivered in the first quarter of 2021, has a three-year charter to Hygo Energy Transition (previously Golar Power), who will use it for LNG distribution and ship-to-ship bunkering in Brazil.

We continue to expand our fleet and our ability to reach more and more markets with a cleaner marine fuel alternative.

Stolt-Nielsen Gas Business Review 2022

Stolt-Nielsen Gas continues its progress towards becoming the leading small-scale provider of LNG – a cleaner fuel alternative – for the power, bunkering, trucking and industrial markets.

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