Stolthaven Terminals Sustainability Policy

The following policy outlines our collective objectives and is applicable for all Stolthaven employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to work together in achieving our sustainability goal.

Our sustainability policy is aligned with Stolt-Nielsen’s sustainability objectives which are supplemented by a specific set of core sustainability principles outlined below:

Health and safety

  • Occupational health and safety have the highest priority in all our activities
  • We identify and analyse potential risks and take measures to avoid, prevent, control and limit them to create a safe working environment.
  • We establish a proactive safety culture and continuously improve all our activities with a focus on process and personal safety
  • We conduct our business in line with the highest safety standards and best practices

Our people

  • We value our employees and treat them with respect
  • We promote equal opportunities and diversity
  • We provide a safe and rewarding environment for our employees
  • We seek to attract and retain qualified, talented employees
  • We encourage and support our employees to participate in volunteer work

Protecting the environment

  • We commit to minimising our environmental footprint, to use resources efficiently and responsibly handle the products under our care
  • We take action to reduce our relative energy consumption as well as water consumption, reduce harmful emissions and reduce waste
  • We actively explore new technologies with the potential to create a positive impact on the environment
  • We engage with our customers and suppliers on environmental initiatives for mutual benefit

Sustainable business

  • We will deliver the growth targets of the company strategy whilst promoting sustainability
  • We strive to steadily improve our business offering the highest-quality products and services to our customers
  • We will explore new business opportunities linked to sustainability
  • We also take responsibility beyond our business operations and support our local communities

Responsible Corporate Governance

  • We ensure our reputation is protected by ensuring good corporate governance including: fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency
  • We support and adhere to internationally proclaimed human rights
  • We take measures to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and company policies, and to behave with integrity, and to avoid conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption.

The principles above are reflected in our internal policies and standards based on internationally recognised conventions. Other tools including internal and external audits, the implementation of certified management systems, and the monitoring of key performance indicators, linked to our sustainability goals, ensures compliance.