CEO’s discrimination statement

June 2020: A personal message to all our stakeholders from CEO, Niels G. Stolt-Nielsen

During the past week I have taken time to reflect on the shocking images of police brutality and the subsequent outcry around the globe. Discrimination in any form is wholly unacceptable to me and I believe that to remain silent is to be complicit.

Our Company culture has always been rooted in the way we treat each other. We promote a diverse, inclusive and safe environment and our Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that we recruit and develop employees who are best-suited to the requirements of the job. 

On reflection, there is more that I could have done, more that we can all do. Change won’t happen overnight, but I am committed to promote further diversification and inclusiveness. I will ensure that we follow up on what we say we will do. Being actively anti-racist and anti-discriminatory is the only way forward. 

At Stolt-Nielsen we will do this by:

  • encouraging people to share their ideas and experiences
  • listening and respecting the views of others
  • supporting actions that might help to make a difference
  • understanding our own unconscious biases
  • continuing to recruit and promote talent – wherever we find it. 

We have a duty to our customers, employees and communities to speak up and take action. I want to help create a world that celebrates our differences rather than excludes people because of them. 

I hope you will join me. 

Niels G. Stolt-Nielsen