Stolt-Nielsen Gas

Stolt-Nielsen Gas

Investing in new opportunities

Our current investments include: 

Avenir LNG Limited

Avenir LNG Limited is a Bermuda registered company established for the purpose of developing the small scale global LNG market by sourcing, shipping, storing and distributing LNG to the end customer in areas of stranded demand. Stolt-Nielsen is the largest shareholder of Avenir LNG Ltd with ownership of 47%. Avenir’s other primary shareholders are Golar LNG and Höegh LNG. All shareholdings are listed on the Norwegian OTC market. 

Avenir LNG also has an 80% share in Higas S.r.L, which is building an LNG terminal and distribution facility in the port of Oristano, Sardinia. Avenir will source and ship LNG to the terminal via its own small LNG carriers, and then distribute the natural gas to customers via and trucks and tank containers. The terminal is expected to be completed in 2021. 

Golar LNG

Golar is one of the world’s largest independent owners and operators of marine-based LNG midstream infrastructure – active in the liquefaction, transportation and regasification of natural gas.

A leading independent owner and operator of LNG carriers and FSRUs, and a pioneer developer of FLNGVs, Golar's flexible, low-cost, fast-track LNG-based solutions are designed to thrive in a low commodity price environment. Stolt-Nielsen Gas has 2.50% ownership of Golar LNG.