Stolt-Nielsen Limited has the following bonds outstanding, which are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols.

Ticker symbol SN107
ISIN NO0010805765
Currency USD
Amount USD 175 Million
Date issues September 21, 2017
Maturity September 21, 2022
Coupon 6.375%
Ticker symbol SNI08
ISIN NO0010874894
Currency Norwegian Kroner
Amount NOK 1.30 Billion
Date issues February 20, 2020
Maturity February 20, 2024
Coupon 3.65% p.a.
Ticker symbol SNI09
ISIN NO0010886096
Currency Norwegian Kroner
Amount NOK 1.25 Billion
Date issues: June 29, 2020
Maturity June 29, 2023
Coupon 4.50% p.a.