Stolthaven Singapore Gateway to Asia

Stolthaven Singapore Gateway to Asia

A Competitive Advantage for Middle East Producers

Can bulk-liquid storage options help producers to achieve competitive advantage?

Consider this: for Middle East manufacturers, storage in Singapore can significantly reduce cargo delivery lead times to end customers—and that means enhanced customer satisfaction and competitive advantage in a growing but challenging market.

“Singapore is a strategically located gateway to Asia,” says Vincent Low, Commercial Manager of Stolthaven Singapore. “By storing product here, Middle East producers of intermediate or finished products can redeliver that cargo on short notice to customers. It’s a turn-key solution for shortening supply chains and increasing competitive advantage.” 

“For petrochemical and chemical cargoes, storage is an often overlooked but integral element of supply-chain efficiency,” adds Low. “And it can be especially critical for producers with long lead times on cargo deliveries.”

Stolthaven Singapore is superbly situated on Jurong Island, a key distribution centre for trade to the Asia region, which is enhanced by the Government of Singapore’s business friendly incentives for trading and distribution. The Stolthaven Singapore terminal specialises in the handling and storage of bulk gases, flammable and combustible liquids, including hazardous chemicals, corrosive substances and general chemicals. Constructed in 2011, this highly automated facility was designed from the ground up to maximize ship-to-shore efficiency, thus substantially reducing demurrage risk. The range of available tank sizes is ideal for distribution purposes.

Stolthaven Singapore at a Glance…

Current facility: 230,300 m3
Tanks: 81 of which 75 chemical tanks and 6 gas spheres
Tank Types: carbon steel, stainless steel
Tank sizes: 1,100-5,700 m3
Access: vessel, barge, truck, pipeline
Draught: 12m
Maximum DWT: 45,000 DWT
Maximum LOA: 185m
Berths: 3 berths on West Jurong Channel
Truck facilities: 6 truck loading bays with dedicated loading systems
Jetty pipelines: dedicated pipeline from jetty to each storage tank
Transhipment: transhipment capability for berth 1 and berth 2
Pipeline : piped nitrogen purging via jetties/bunkering option


Stolthaven Singapore: Part of Stolt-Nielsen’s Integrated Global Network

As part of Stolthaven’s global network of 19 owned and joint venture bulk-liquid terminals, Stolthaven Singapore operates to world-class standards for safety, quality and efficiency. Other Stolthaven terminals in the Asia-Pacific and Asia regions include JSTT Jeongil Stolthaven (Ulsan, South Korea), Stolthaven Tianjin (Lingang, China), Stolthaven Westport (Malaysia), and Stolthaven Australia and New Zealand, all serving as hubs for specialty chemicals, lube oils and vegetable oil trade flows.

Stolthaven’s network also operates synergistically with both Stolt Tankers, the world’s largest operator of sophisticated chemical tankers, and Stolt Tank Containers, the world’s leading provider of logistics and transportation services for door-to-door shipments of bulk-liquid chemicals and food-grade products. Both deep-sea and regional ships operated by Stolt Tankers serve the Asia Pacific, Inter Asia and domestic Chinese markets, and Stolt Tank Containers’ footprint is equally extensive.

“Our customers can significantly improve the efficiency of their global supply chains by effectively leveraging these fully integrated assets,” said Guy Bessant, President of Stolthaven Terminals. “Our Stolthaven Singapore terminal is designed with customer needs in mind. In combination with Stolt-Nielsen’s deep-sea tanker fleet, our intra-Asia fleet and Stolt’s ISO tank container division—all of which are represented by the Stolt-Nielsen Singapore office—we are able to offer an integrated package of storage and transportation capabilities that no one else can deliver.”

Stolthaven Singapore: “A turn-key solution for shortening supply chains and increasing competitive advantage.”