Stolthaven Moerdijk

Stolthaven Moerdijk


Street: Middenweg 30, Port number M374
Area: 4782 PM
City: Moerdijk
Country: The Netherlands


General Manager: Jeroen de Boer
Commercial Manager : Edward de Vos

Commercial Enquiries

Telephone: +31 168 334373


Latitude: 51.6764533 N
Longitude: 4.6003829 E
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Stolthaven Moerdijk b.v. is strategically located in a lock-free port between Antwerp and Rotterdam. Efficient rail services and congestion free highway access complemented with an on-site Stolt Tank Container depot for the ARA region and a variety of value added services (e.g. drum filling and blending) provides a versatile one-stop-shopping logistical solution. As such Stolthaven Moerdijk is your flexible partner, able to adapt to your supply chain requirements for specialty bulk liquids.
Stolthaven Moerdijk is ISO-9001, CDI-T and SEVESO III certified and complies with the Dutch PGS 29 & 15 regulations. Our SHEQ policy is available upon request.




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Tank types

  • Carbon (and coated) steel
  • Stainless steel

Tank features

  • 36 heat traced and insulated tanks
  • 23 tanks for mixing, blending and circulation services
  • 26 tanks are equipped for low flashpoint products and compliant to latest PGS 29 guidelines

Products stored

  • Product classes non hazardous 3, 6.1, 8 and 9
  • Chemicals and specialties
  • Isocyanates
  • Solvents
  • Base oils

Access to terminal

  • Road
  • Ship
  • Rail


  • 7,500 m³ warehouse for hazardous goods (PGS-15)
  • 1,600 m³ warehouse for non hazardous goods
  • 2 filling lines for drums and IBC's connected to truck loading positions and land tanks
  • Cargo-transfer
  • 23 ISO heating positions (steam, hot water and electric)
  • 1,100 positions for storage of empty and full ISO containers
  • Cleaning of road barrels, tank containers and IBC's
  • Circulation cleaning for Latex / Resins
  • Dedicated & isolated food bay (HACCP)
  • Full service repair workshop
  • Nitrogen purging / blanketing