Construction begins on Stolt Sea Farm’s newest site

Construction of Stolt Sea Farm’s sole recirculation facility in Cervo, Spain, has officially begun. April 16, 2018, marked the laying of the foundational stone, with the farm scheduled for completion by May 2019.

In combination with our sea farms in Portugal and Iceland, production levels will gain a significant boost. Operating at a smolt production level of 360 tonnes per year, this facility is set to be a game-changer for the business.

In addition to the high production levels, this facility will be the first of our sites to be fully recirculated. The highly efficient technology means that once installed, only 5-10% of the water used will need to be replaced with fresh water.

Stolt Sea Farm President, Jordi Trias, said: “This farm, together with our upcoming facility in Tocha, Portugal this September, is crucial for our sole expansion plans and our longer-term plans for growth. With our innovative recirculation technology, we can continue to expand while operating sustainably and ethically.”

Stolt Sea Farm’s sole recirculation facility would remain simply a great idea without our dedicated construction team, members of which are pictured laying the site's foundation stone.