New report on building resilient supply chains of the future

An in-depth report, Building Supply Chain Resilience in the Petrochemical Industry, has been published today. It assesses the impact of recent disruptions and longer-term trends on the petrochemical supply chain in an era of volatility.

The report was produced in partnership by Deloitte and the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA).

President of Stolthaven Terminals, Guy Bessant, is Chair of the EPCA's Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC), which worked closely with Deloitte to research and produce the report. This involved a survey of more than 170 supply chain professionals across more than 100 companies, both (petro)chemical producers and logistics service providers, as well as interviews with supply chain leaders.

Guy said: "The report represents vital research for supply chain professionals, providing recommendations and calls to action for petrochemical companies to thrive in uncertainty.

"Stolthaven Terminals has long been focused on innovation, strengthening its global network and our integrated solutions – with sister companies, Stolt Tankers and Stolt Tank Containers – in order to build our own resilient, future-proof supply chain.

"The need to build strong partnerships and collaborate across the industry has never been as important as it is today. In my role as SCPC Chair, I am committed to encouraging innovation and fostering cooperation between industry leaders."

On Thursday, October 6, Guy will attend the European Petrochemical Association's (EPCA) 56th annual meeting, EPCA56, to take part in a panel discussion, Thrive in uncertainty: redesigning the resilient net-zero supply chain. During this session, Deloitte will share the findings from this report.

Read the report on the EPCA website.