Stolt Sea Farm celebrates 50 years in sustainable aquaculture

This year, Stolt Sea Farm is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the position it has attained as a leading sustainable aquaculture business with a global presence.

It has been a busy year so far, with a full schedule of events to mark the milestone and to recognise the employees, suppliers and customers who have contributed to Stolt Sea Farm's success since it began operations in 1972.

Jordi Trias, President Stolt Sea Farm, said: “Building the Stolt Sea Farm we are today has required patience, care, commitment and passion, day after day, for 50 years. We are extremely proud to achieve this landmark anniversary, and we are grateful to all those who have contributed to this success through the years, including our employees, suppliers, clients, consumers and shareholders.”

To increase awareness of Stolt Sea Farm's operations, sustainable practices and innovative aquaculture technology, suppliers and customers have been invited on tours of the farms, which have also opened their doors to employees and their families and friends. The family days have taken place at eight sites to date, and will cover all 14 farms by the end of the year.

"Everyone was excited to show their families and friends the site, which has more than 400 tanks and one million fish," says Katia Garrido, from SSF's HR Department, who attended the family day at Lira, Spain, one of Stolt Sea Farm's largest turbot production farms. "We all learned a lot about turbot production, an unknown world for most of the visitors."

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Stolt Sea Farm has also launched The Great, Big Clean-up campaign to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our oceans, seas, beaches and rivers clean and contributing to a more beautiful and liveable environment for us all.

Two beach clean-ups have taken place in Spain and one in Portugal, as well as a reforestation event in Iceland and a riverbank clean-up in France, with employees and members of the community taking part. More events are being planned over the summer.

Stolt Sea Farm was founded in 1972 in Norway, where it quickly became the leading supplier of juvenile salmon to the emerging salmon industry. From there, it expanded its production lines to include other species such as sea bream, sea bass, sturgeon, caviar, tuna and what are now the company’s two main products, turbot and sole. 

Today, Stolt Sea Farm is the leading producer of sustainably farmed turbot and sole, with annual production capacities of 5,700 tonnes of turbot and 1,570 tonnes of sole.


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