Stolt Sea Farm features on leading international aquaculture site

Stolt Sea Farm's advanced aquaculture techniques are featured on leading international aquaculture website, The Fish Site.

The article, Stolt Sea Farm: a tale of two flatfish, published yesterday, highlights Stolt Sea Farm's (SSF) pioneering sole and turbot production techniques, research and development expertise, commitment to sustainable practices and strategic objective to achieve 23,000 tonnes of combined production by 2035. Reaching this target would see SSF “dominate the continent’s farmed flatfish sector”, according to the article.

SSF's Fish Division Director, Rubén Faraldo and Sustainability Manager, Carlos Tavares explain the advances SSF has made with its farming techniques and technological innovations, including its state-of-the-art recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) for sole.

They are also keen to point out that SSF's focus on animal welfare and the skills of its people are at the heart of the business’s success.

In the article, Rubén says: "Our biggest strength is the people who take care of the fish and ensure the continuity of the business with commitment, pragmatism, creativity and collaboration."

Read the article on The Fish Site