Stolt Sea Farm joins partnership to protect fishing resources

Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) has joined a partnership project, called Life Refish, to reduce waste and optimise the use of by-products from fishing activity.

The partnership is headed up by Galician canned seafood company Jealsa and includes other industry leaders Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Oprormar and Valora Marine Ingredients, as well as SSF.

Together, the companies plan to establish a biorefinery to process fish that are caught but are, under European regulations, too small to be marketed and the seafood processing byproducts from aquaculture and fisheries. The fish and byproducts will be used in environmentally friendly products that can be marketed in line with all regulations.

Stolt Sea Farm's role in the project is to supply the biorefinery with the byproducts of fish processing, such as skin and bones. It will also research the potential value of these byproducts, for example, in the production of fish hydrolysate (a multi-purpose liquid often used as a fertiliser) and collagen fish oil.

Ultimately, Life Refish aims to support fishing communities – as undersized fish are deducted from their quotas – and the sustainability of the seafood industry as a whole.

Stolt Sea Farm’s Research and Development Manager, Ana María Riaza, said: "Stolt Sea Farm is committed to reducing our environmental impact, promoting the circular economy and maximising the use of our sustainably farmed fish.

"We are pleased to be a part of the Life Refish project, which is not only aligned with our environmental ambitions, but also supports the industry to operate in a more sustainable way."