Stolt Sea Farm president shares insights on success at business leaders event

Stolt Sea Farm President, Jordi Trias, was one of ten business leaders invited to present at the '100 Consejos' event in Galicia, Spain last week.  

The event – which is '100 Counsels' or ‘pieces of advice’ in English – takes place in different locations around the world. The aim is to promote collaboration and continuous learning by asking ten successful local entrepreneurs and managers to share with the audience their knowledge and ideas via ten pieces of advice and to identify common objectives for the coming year.  

This was the ninth 100 Consejos meeting in Galicia and it attracted close to 1,000 attendees. Jordi and his fellow presenters – including Juan Manuel Cendoya, Vice-president of Santander Spain; Emilio Herrera, President and CEO of Kia, Spain; and Rosa María Carabel from the Eroski Group – were asked to outline the keys to success in their professional careers and to share their failures and how they learned from them. 

Jordi’s advice included investing in what makes you different and better, being curious and humble, asking questions and observing, giving your team the resources they need to be great and, of course, eating more ProdemarTM turbot and sole!  

He said: "It was a true privilege to be part of this event, speaking alongside such inspirational leaders. Thank you again to the organisers, Libredon and Santander, for inviting me to share some of my career learnings. I'm looking forward to next year's event already!"