Stolt Sea Farm’s innovation unit will boost sustainability of fish processing

Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) has opened a pilot ‘Valorisation  Room’  at its facility in Lira, Spain, as part of its participation in the European LIFE REFISH project, which aims to reduce waste and optimise the use of by-products and co-products  from aquaculture  activity.

LIFE REFISH is a collaboration between the Galician fishing industry, aquaculture companies (Jealsa, Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Oprormar, Valora Marine Ingredients and SSF) and scientific organisation, the Institute of Marine Research (IIM), part of the Spanish National Research Centre (CSIC). SSF’s involvement is aligned with its commitment to support a more circular economy. 

The new unit within the Food Operations department in Lira will explore ways to further improve the cost efficiency, sustainability and food safety standards of the processes SSF uses to prepare fillets and portions of turbot and sole. By-products, such as heads, skin, fish trimmings, bone and viscera, will be preserved and researched in terms of their potential reuse value, for example, as a source of proteins, peptides, collagen, gelatin, calcium, enzymes and flavouring.  

SSF held a special opening ceremony to acknowledge the work of colleagues across multiple departments to set up this new space. The event was also a chance to highlight SSF's commitment to engaging in research and innovation to enhance the sustainability of its operations and the aquaculture industry as a whole.