Stolt Sea Farm’s Portugal farm increases green energy usage

Stolt Sea Farm has installed solar panels at its sole RAS farm in Tocha, Portugal, which provide approximately 10% of the site's energy consumption.

The installation aligns with SSF's commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact across all its operations and facilities. SSF has previously installed solar panels at its farms in Quilmas and Cervo, Spain.

The solar panel installation project took approximately six months to complete, from planning and design to the final installation and testing. At every stage, the team ensured minimal disruption to daily operations.

“Stolt Sea Farm is evaluating the feasibility of installing solar panels at our other sites, and we plan to increase solar capacity at the Tocha site,” said Oscar Iglesias, Chief Operations Officer. “Our goal is to expand our use of renewable energy across the business to continuously increase the sustainability of our fish production process and, ultimately, contribute to a more sustainable future.

“By harnessing green energy, we have not only reduced our dependence on non-renewable resources, but also demonstrated our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. And, with our solar panels producing more energy each day, we are contributing to the global clean energy movement.”