Stolt Tank Containers celebrates first solar-powered depot in India

Stolt Tank Containers’ Mumbai facility has switched to solar power, which will reduce carbon emissions by more than 40%, marking a significant step forward in the company’s green-energy ambitions.

The SPS Mumbai depot in India is Stolt Tank Containers’ first facility to become self-sufficient when it comes to electricity usage. The depot’s tropical location, which benefits from up to 10 months of sunshine per year, presented a perfect opportunity to go greener by installing solar panels. The switch is expected to make the depot electricity-neutral, only using what it needs and returning the rest to the local electricity grid, while significantly reducing ongoing electricity costs.

Self-sufficient with solar

Mono PERC solar panels covering the depot’s roof are capable of generating 170 kWp, which is converted into AC via two Growatt inverters. This is enough to fully power every piece of depot equipment at any given moment. Given that it’s rare for all equipment to be in use at the same time, the installation generates more power than the depot uses, and the excess is fed back into the local grid. 

A bidirectional meter measures both how much energy is returned to the grid and the amount drawn from it at times when solar generation isn’t sufficient so the facility can monitor and further improve its energy usage. 

Supporting the local community and the planet

An important additional benefit is that with SPS Mumbai contributing more to the grid, the surrounding community can access a more reliable electricity supply. At the same time, Stolt Tank Containers has reduced its dependency on coal-fired electricity, reducing carbon emissions by around 10-15 tonnes per month, a 46% reduction of emissions at the location.

The beginning of a new energy age

The official launch of the solar installation was marked with a ribbon cutting and traditional local blessing where coconuts are broken for good luck.  

Dennis Verduyn, Global Depots Director at Stolt Tank Containers (pictured, far left), said: “We have committed to the goal of 50% of the energy used in our depots originating from carbon-neutral renewable sources in 2030. The use of solar energy for the production of electrical and thermal energy is a crucial technology to meet our sustainable goals.”

A similar installation at Stolt Tank Containers’ Kandla depot is due for completion in 2024.