Stolt Tank Containers to boost rail freight in Saudi Arabia

Stolt Tank Containers (STC) is pleased to announce that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) to move the transportation of STC’s tank containers away from trucks on roads and onto the railways of Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on the agreement, Hans Augusteijn, President, Stolt Tank Containers said: “Many of our customers in the region have experienced strong market growth in recent years. This, coupled with high levels of ongoing investments in local infrastructure makes this transition a sensible decision that will benefit both customers, and the planet. Using rail to transport our tanks will not only improve our service offering, it is also more environmentally sustainable than transporting goods by road.

“In 2020, we announced our ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of our transportation partners by 40% (relative to 2008 levels) by 2030. The agreement with SAR supports that ambition and our long-term strategy to offer a flexible choice of transport mode to our customers when they ship their bulk liquids with us. We are also working across our other markets to develop alternatives to road transport to safely move our tank containers around the globe.”

In addition to continuing to deliver the highest standards in quality, safety and sustainability in transport and logistics for customers, this initiative also supports several sustainability objectives set out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

Stolt Tank Containers Saudi Arabia Ltd. is headquartered in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and has a second office in Jeddah to service customers’ needs on both coasts of the country. STC also has a joint venture with local company Y.B.A Kanoo - Kanoo Tank Services (SAHREEJ) owns and operates three tank container depots in Dammam, Jubail and Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) specialises in the transportation of goods, minerals and various containerised products via safe, advanced and reliable means of transport. The company contributes to the 2030 vision of enabling the Kingdom to be a global logistical platform and the hub for connecting the three continents.

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