Stolthaven Singapore reuses retired ISO tank for rainwater collection

The Stolthaven Terminals team in Singapore has come up with a novel way to implement its rainwater harvesting programme, using a decommissioned ISO tank from Stolt Tank Containers (STC) to collect and store the water.  

The 24,000-litre tank was due to be retired from the fleet at STC’s Ayer Merbau Depot, on Jurong Island, Singapore and recycled. But Stolthaven Singapore saw the potential to work with their sister company to give the tank a new lease of life and reinforce the sustainability of their rainwater harvesting programme.  

“At the very early stage of this initiative, it was clear that reusing an ISO tank from another Stolt-Nielsen business made sense,” explains Edmund Hoe, Stolthaven Terminals’ Regional SHEQ Manager, Asia. “A new purpose-built rainwater tank is expensive whereas repurposing one of STC's ISO tanks is highly cost efficient and more sustainable. The tank is made of stainless steel so it will not only last us for decades to come but is also recyclable.” 

Ravi Ramesh Dodani, Stolthaven Singapore’s Maintenance, Reliability and Integrity Engineer, adds: "This is a great example of our motto 'reduce, reuse and recycle' in action!” 

To begin with, Stolthaven Singapore will collect rainwater for general domestic use, such as cleaning. STC has cleaned and prepared the tank for its new duties and it is expected to arrive at the terminal over the summer.  

A new purpose for retired tanks 

While STC has repurposed many decommissioned tanks at its depots all over the world – for example, for wastewater containment – this is the first time one of their decommissioned tanks will be used to collect rainwater. 

"I'm pleased that Stolt Tank Containers and Stolthaven Terminals have extended our collaboration beyond providing storage and handling solutions to resource sustainability,” says Darrell Lee, General Manager – Asia Pacific, Stolt Tank Containers, Singapore. “It’s great that this retired ISO tank can be given a new purpose and a new life at Stolthaven Singapore."   

Reducing water usage at Stolthaven Terminals 

Rainwater collection programmes are in operation across Stolthaven Terminals' global network. For example, for several years, the Santos terminal in Brazil has been collecting rainwater for non-potable use, including cleaning tanks and operational areas.  

Currently, 21% of the total water used for its operations comes from this renewable source. The terminal is increasing its supply each year and, in turn, reducing the volumes of treated water it uses from public supply systems. 

Stolthaven Houston and New Orleans in the US also collect and reuse rainwater onsite.