Stolthaven Terminals hosts green logistics summit in Brazil

Stolthaven Terminals Brazil hosted the First Green Logistics Summit on June 14 – in partnership with Pecém Industrial and Port Complex – at which customers and partners discussed sustainability and logistics with a focus on green hydrogen (H2).

Earlier this year, Stolthaven Terminals and the Pecém Port Complex announced they had signed a memorandum of understanding for the study of a new storage terminal in Pecém Port, Brazil. The terminal will focus on providing storage and handling services for green H2 and associated products.

General Manager of Stolthaven Terminals Brazil, Marcelo Schmitt, attended the summit last month, along with Danilo Serpa, President of the Pecém Port Complex, and Duna Uribe, the Executive Commercial Director. Several experts from the Stolthaven Santos terminal presented, as well as guest speakers from Stolt Tankers who provided insights into the shipping challenges associated with alternative fuels.

“This First Green Logistics Summit shows our leadership in supporting our customers and potential customers through the necessary global energy transition," said Schmitt.

"The event was an opportunity to engage with our highly skilled speakers and audience about the state-of-the-art technologies being developed at Pecém to face the challenges of storing and shipping green H2. We also discussed the green H2 export hub that we are jointly developing with Pecém Port Complex, and our business growth and expansion project at Stolthaven Terminals Brazil.”

Danilo Serpa added: "When high-level professionals are brought together for a single purpose, the result is usually successful. And that is exactly what happened at the event held by Stolthaven Terminals, in partnership with us.

"We were able to present our green hydrogen hub to clients from Brazil and around the world. More than that, we were grateful for the opportunity to think technically about the energy transition to renewable sources. That is, we discussed a future that is closer and closer and is becoming more and more concrete in our reality."

The event was also an opportunity to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Santos terminal.