Connecting strategy with experience

Stolt Tankers hosted a knowledge-sharing event with its ship Masters in Istanbul, June 1-3, to ensure the business's strategy is aligned with the practical experiences of its crews.

During the event, 30 Masters, senior managers and Stolt Tankers President Lucas Vos discussed leadership, sustainability, continuous improvement and industry compliance and regulations

"The event's primary purpose is to connect our strategy to its execution by getting Masters' feedback based on their practical experience at sea, sharing ownership of the strategy with them and how it impacts our crews, and empowering them to communicate this to all seafarers aboard our ships," explains Igor Segeda, Crewing Director.

The meeting was also an opportunity to celebrate long-service milestones, including Capt. Robert Mijatovic (25 years), Capt. Maxim Maksimov (10 Years) and Capt. Antonio Aaron (10 years).

"Stolt Tankers is committed to investing in its crews and benefitting from their knowledge and experience," says Maren Schroeder, Managing Director, Stolt Tankers. "These events are usually held three times a year. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this was the first one since 2019 and it was great to be back together again in person – it’s been too long."