ITOPF technical experts take educational tour of Stolt Tankers’ ships

Stolt Tankers recently hosted members of ITOPF’s technical team onboard two of its ships, Stolt Efficiency and Stolt Jaeger in Antwerp, Belgium.  

ITOPF’s core service is to provide response advice and impact mitigation to ship-source pollution events, and the visit helped expand its technical team’s knowledge and experience of how Stolt Tankers’ ships and their crews operate to maintain high standards of safety and performance.  

This visit strengthened the working relationship between ITOPF and Stolt Tankers and allowed both parties to gain a more detailed operational understanding of each other’s organisations, the challenges faced, and the emerging issues which could be encountered in the future.   

Speaking on the success of the trip, ITOPF’s Technical Adviser, Thomas Sturgeon said: “This visit was a great opportunity to familiarise ourselves with Stolt Tanker’s fleet, discuss the routine operations they are conducting, and learn from an organisation at the forefront of the shipping industry.  

“The value of face-to-face interaction and practical experience on board vessels cannot be understated. This visit was a valuable experience to familiarise ourselves with a range of vessels outside of an incident scenario and strengthen our relationship with Stolt Tankers, a key member of ITOPF.”  

ITOPF’s Technical Adviser and Chemist Conor Bolas added: “It was great to have the chance to learn more about the layout of a vessel as we often get questions about this when attending an incident. In addition, as a chemist, it was very interesting to see how various compounds are shipped in bulk.”  

Edo van der Velde, Fleet Manager at Stolt Tankers, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome ITOPF onboard and I’m very grateful to our crew for showing them around and making them feel welcome.  

“A visit such as this is of great benefit to both parties. It provided ITOPF with a chance to familiarise themselves with our fleet and operations, and us with the chance to further develop our understanding of their way of working. The importance of building a good relationship goes beyond our two organisations and is of great value to the entire industry and beyond.” 

Last year, Stolt Tankers’ Managing Director, Maren Schroeder joined the board of ITOPF Limited, an appointment that recognises her extensive experience in the tanker industry and aligns with Stolt Tankers’ dedication to maintaining safety and environmental excellence.