Stolt Tankers invests in new technology to enhance fuel efficiency

Following a successful trial earlier this year onboard the Stolt Breland, Stolt Tankers has signed an agreement to fit an additional seven ships with Yara Marine’s FuelOpt propulsion optimisation technology.

FuelOpt offers enhanced fuel savings through optimising energy efficiency of the ship’s engine and is compatible with any marine fuel, which supports Stolt Tankers’ goal of operating a fleet using both the fuels of today, and tomorrow. FuelOpt is also compatible with any propeller or engine.

Jose Gonzalez Celis, Energy and Conservation Manager at Stolt Tankers, said: “This collaboration represents another important step towards our carbon reduction goals. We have set an ambition to reduce our CO2 emissions (relative to 2008) by 50% by 2030, and the best way to achieve this with a large fleet like ours is to maximise fuel savings, which in turn reduces emissions.

“Shipping needs practical and cost-effective solutions that demonstrate tangible results, and I am pleased to say that our order with Yara Marine Technologies means that we are making real progress towards greater fuel efficiency without compromising operational efficacy. We look forward to working together and collaborating on further solutions for our fleet.”

Aleksander Askeland, Chief Sales Officer at Yara Marine Technologies, said: “We are proud to support Stolt Tankers with technology solutions that meet their immediate needs, while also allowing for additional enhancements further down the road to Net Zero. Increased fuel efficiency already plays a key role in cost-effective operations, and will no doubt continue to be a vital part of dealing with the expense of future fuels and upcoming regulations.”

Photo:  Jose Gonzalez Celis (left), Energy and Conservation Manager at Stolt Tankers with Aleksander Askeland, Chief Sales Officer at Yara Marine Technologies.


About Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine (YMT) provides technologies to enable a greener maritime industry. Since 2010, YMT has been at the forefront of maritime emissions reduction, working closely with ship-owners, yards, and naval architects as partners in our effort to drive the change towards sustainable shipping. Today, Yara Marine offers a portfolio of green technologies, such as SOx scrubbers, fuel optimization systems – FuelOpt and Fleet Analytics, turnkey shore power solutions, and the cutting-edge, advanced wind-assisted propulsion system WindWings. Yara Marine is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Sweden, Poland, and China.