Stolt Tankers launches partnership with We Forest and One Tree Planted

Stolt Tankers B.V. is proud to announce that the Stolt Tankers Joint Service (STJS) Pool, together with its partners NYK Line, Tufton, and Farvatn Capital, have donated USD $100,000 to One Tree Planted and We Forest, two non-profit organisations with extensive experience managing reforestation, carbon absorption and environmental impact projects.

The donation reflects Stolt Tankers’ broader ambition to reduce its own carbon intensity by 50% by 2030 (relative to 2008) and to become a fully carbon-neutral business by 2050. The STJS Pool is the first tanker pool to implement a Green Bunker Procurement Fund with proceeds fully dedicated to carbon reduction, fuel efficiency and environmental initiatives.

Commenting on the partnership with One Tree Planted and We Forest, Lucas Vos, President of Stolt Tankers noted, “I am pleased to make this $100,000 donation jointly with our partners NYK, Tufton, and Farvatn and believe addressing the many aspects of decarbonisation in shipping requires an all hands-on-deck approach.

"This contribution demonstrates our mutual commitment to addressing the climate challenges of today, and tomorrow, by supporting reforestation and ocean mangrove ecosystems. We hope our support will make an impact by both capturing carbon and helping the communities and ecosystems on the front line of climate change.”

In total, three projects will be supported by our donations. The first project is led by We Forest and focused on reforestation of the Desa Forest in Northern Ethiopia. We are also supporting We Forest on their Philippines’ Indigenous Bamboo and Native Tree Reforestation project which will remove 500,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Lastly, Stolt Tankers is pleased to be supporting One Tree Planted on their Pacific Northwest reforestation project which plants trees alongside rivers and streams to improve water quality and ultimately the health and quantity of salmon to support wild orca populations.